Max Newcomer



University of Wisconsin – Madison

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science, Mathematics, and Data Science

(09/2019 - 12/2022)

Courses - Operating Systems, Algorithms, Matrix Methods in Machine Learning, Linear Optimization, Machine Organization, Databases



Software/ML Engineer

(June 2023 - present)


Software Engineering Consultant

*(February 2023 - May 2023)

  • Implemented a internal-facing API using AWS Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, Cognito, Glue, and Sagemaker.
  • Developed advanced methods to calculate TAM and SAM for data-driven vertical development based on SEO and Google Traffic analytics.
  • Automated SEO analytic data-pipelines using AWS Glue and other AWS services to provide my clients with high-level insights derived from raw data.

United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Software Engineer (Student Team Leader, Part-Time)

(May 2019 - May 2023)

  • Managed and delegated work for team members, ensuring that tasks related to team goals got done on time in an accurate and efficient manner.
  • Developed single training image Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) designed to generate realistic realizations of hydro-geological conductivity from sparse data combined with hydrologist-informed hypotheses of conductivity distributions.
  • Constructed software as described in NWTOPT publication that is used by dozens of hydrologists for distributed Tree Parzen Estimator hyperparameter optimization for MODFLOW-NWT model solver settings, resulting in ∼80% run time reduction, which in context is months worth of saved computation time.

The Farmacy Proxies

Project Lead Developer (Self-Employed)

(Nov 2022 - Present)

  • Orchestrated Shopify Webhook management to construct an order management pipeline from Shopify into an AWS DynamoDB, storing customer and order information.
  • Generated business-related insights from Shopify order information through ML training on data stored on AWS DynamoDB, including an order prediction algorithm based on previous proxy purchase patterns and industry release timing to be used for targeted coupon code marketing through the DiscordAPI which resulted in a 28% increase in proxy orders.


Software Engineer Intern (Part-time)

(Jun 2020 - Dec 2020)

Publications & Presentations

NWTOPT - A Hyperparameter Optimization Approach for selection of Environmental Model Solver Settings (Newcomer, Hunt, 2022)

Published in the journal of Environmental Modelling & Software -

MODFLOW and More (Newcomer, Hunt, 2022)

NWTOPT research accepted to the MODFLOW and More conference, a MODFLOW, water system, and machine learning conference at Princeton University.

Skills Summary

  • Languages - C/C++, Python, Rust, Go, C#, R, SQL, Bash, Java
  • Frameworks - Scikit, TensorFlow, Keras, Lambda Stack, Django, Flask, Weights & Biases
  • Tools - Docker, Git, AWS DynamoDB, MongoDB, SQLite
  • Platforms - RHEL, Ubuntu, Windows, AWS, Azure Cloud, Raspberry, Arduino
  • Soft Skills - Collaborative Team Member, Effective Communicator, Creative Problem-Solver


Python for Data Science - Professional Certificate issued by IBM

Credential ID – 9569d9382b364bea85c20d8bafbe175a (Aug 2019)

Last updated on 09/24/2023

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